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It's not just the solution, it's the right solution that matters

the only name you need to know in solution creation -

we are QSEC.

Sydney 1

your vision, our mission

  • Commercial Cleaning,
  • Covid-19 Response,
  • Property Maintenance
  • Utilities,
  • Consumables,
  • Rapid Antigen Testing
  • Cost Saving & Analysis,
  • Solar,
  • Retail & Hospitality

our values

Own it

We believe in hands-on relationship management, a single point of contact and zero fuss. Whatever the task, we own it and make it happen both on time and on budget.

Pressure is Privilege

We love what we do, and consider being under pressure when we perform at our best. Regardless of the task and no matter how hard it may seem, we thrive when delivering results. We know that failure can’t cope with persistence, and we won’t stop until we’ve delivered.

Always a Better Way

We have never arrived, hate cheap but think thrifty is smart. We continuously seek better and more effective solutions and are nimble in our approach, relying on our diverse networks to add continuing value.

Costs are the Enemy

It’s not what we say that’s important, it’s what we do. We don’t add layers of middle men or believe in long complex meetings with expensive consultants over long lunches. We are the experts, and use our in house knowledge and experience to deliver.

let's do this, together.

24 Hour Freephone: 1300 165 121

Sydney Head Office: Level 16, 175 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 | Tel: (+61) 2 9069 1888

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